Our Training Structure

Private sessions optimize teaching and learning opportunities, allowing for customized training tailored to meet the specific needs of you and your dog.  Dog Training is available on-site at Good Foundations, or can be provided in your home or out in the community, as determined in your free personalized consultation.  Services available include Puppy classes, Basic obedience, agility, and customized training to fit the needs of your dog.


Our Training Philosophy

Training is individualized. Because each dog and the relationship with its owner is different, each program will be tailored to that dog and owner. No one method works for all dogs. Training addresses basic obedience as well as the behavioral expectations that you have for your dog living in your home, and may include such issues as leash pulling, jumping up, destructive behavior, and aggression.

The priority and focus of training is that you be able to enjoy a good relationship with your dog in your home. The goal is to help you and your dog have fun together and have the best relationship you can.

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Obedience Training

Training begins with a series of private lessons in a controlled environment, adding controlled distractions as you progress through the program. You will then move into a group class with other dogs in which you learn to train in a more challenging environment. This is where you and your dog apply training to more real-life situations. Good Foundations offers a variety of programs for puppies to well-behaved dogs that are ready for the next step.


Puppy Program

Price: $200 on site / $250 in your home

For puppies up to 16 weeks old, any breed

Includes four private classes  (puppies do not attend group class)

The puppy program provides a foundation for obedience training including:

  • Emphasis on training the whole family to work with the new puppy
  • Building confidence
  • Housebreaking
  • Crate training
  • Addressing negative behaviors such as:
    • Destructive chewing
    • Jumping
    • Biting
    • Other puppy problems

Basic Program

Price: $400 on site / $450 in your home

includes four private classes and four group classes (all group classes are on site).

The basic program focuses on behavioral expectations and establishing structure and control for real life situations, including:

  • Sit
  • Heel
  • Down
  • Come
  • Wait
  • Stop/Leave It
  • Leash Pulling
  • Jumping
  • Chewing
  • Biting
  • other issues with which you are concerned

Modified/Advanced Programs

Additional modifications can be made to the basic program for additional fees on an individualized basis upon consultation. Examples of such modifications would include training sessions in the owner’s home, sessions out in the community, additional training content such as sit, stand, and down in motion and at a distance, or more intensive training for dogs with more intensive needs.

Individual Refresher Classes

Price: $100 per session

Individual refresher classes are available to those who have already gone through an obedience program to review or fine tune.

Group Class

This is the opportunity for graduates of the training program  to hone their skills in a more challenging setting. Once dogs and their owners have mastered the basics of heel, sit, down, etc, they can come to Group Class to work around each other and improve their level of control by working together in this structured group setting.

 5 Group Classes – $85

10 Group Classes – $140

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Our Dog Trainers

Christine Kozlek

Dog Trainer Christine Kozlek, a board certified behavior analyst with a Masters degree in Education, has worked for 15 years in the field of behavior modification.  She has worked with a wide range of behavior issues and can help you problem solve and strategize any concerns that may present themselves.  Apprenticing at John P. Jones Canine Training,  she honed her skills working side by side with a mentor who understood the passion for pursuing an understanding of our canine companions.  She is dedicated to giving every four-legged friend their best chance at a full and happy life with their humans.

Her first experience in the canine world was a graduation present to herself, a shepherd mix named Sebastian.  He was a great introduction to the joys & rewards of raising a pet and lived to the ripe old age of 15.  In mid-2013, Christine welcomed two new members into her family: Gracie, a 5-year old boxer mix and Mojo, a 4-year old St. Bernard, both grateful rescue dogs.

Sebastian, first dog owned by Dog Obedience Trainer Christine Kozlek in State College, PA


Gracie Puppy Trained by Dog Trainer Christine Kozlek in State College, PA


Mojo Trained by Dog Trainer Christine Kozlek in State College, PA


Selina Fluker

Selina is a highly skilled professional dedicated to enhancing the unique relationship between dogs and their owners. Selina has been teaching dogs and their owners within the State College area for over 7 years and has an acute understanding of the various factors that influence a dog’s behavior allowing her to tailor training methods to suit individual needs.
Additionally, Selina is an AKC Canine Good Citizen certified evaluator. She specializes in tricks, agility and mental stimulation for dogs and provides guidance on creating a balanced and enriched lifestyle for dogs.

TACh2 Pilot Mandolin Rain RE CGC TAM-3 TMAG-5 NAC MXJ MX "Mani"


JimJac Twistin' In The Rain RA TG2 TBAD CGC AX AXJ "Twister"


Pilot All Eyes On Me AX AXJ "Mia"





Price: $400 for six private classes.

Beginner Program

Introduction to agility training, with emphasis on foundation training and flatwork. We will focus on building motivation and attention, while introducing your dog to the basics of agility. Skills will include distance work, tunnel work, attention work, jump work, left and right directional cues, targeting, and sequencing.

Intermediate Program

We will continue to build familiarity and independence on all the agility obstacles, and start to sequence obstacles together while learning to handle your dog with simplicity and clarity.

In this level we move onto advanced flat work, advanced jump, beginning box work, advanced pinwheels, board work for contacts, and sequencing with the table, along with introducing the weaves, teeter, chute and handling techniques.

Advanced 1 Program

We finish the basic training for contacts, weaves, teeter, more elaborate jump sequences and other equipment and begin to focus on obstacle independence, handling maneuvers and advances sequences with front cross, rear cross, 270 work, serpentines, threadles and more.

Advanced 2 Program

The focus of these classes is the improvement of existing handler and dog skills. Lesson plans include advance course strategies, learning to minimize your dog’s path, obstacle discrimination, layering, fine tuning acquired skills and problem solving.


Price: $400 for six private classes.

Learn how to teach your dog a variety of fun tricks. This class will not only be useful for relationship building with your dog; teaching tricks is also a way to teach them how to learn and problem solve as you develop crucial timing & communication skills through the process. It’s also a great tool to help keep cognitive skills sharp, especially in aging dogs. The mental stimulation and time spent learning and playing together will benefit you and your dog in immeasurable ways! Here are some examples of the tricks you can learn in our classes:



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