Agility Training


Price: $300 for six private classes.

Beginner Program

Introduction to agility training, with emphasis on foundation training and flatwork. We will focus on building motivation and attention, while introducing your dog to the basics of agility. Skills will include distance work, tunnel work, attention work, jump work, left and right directional cues, targeting, and sequencing.

Intermediate Program

We will continue to build familiarity and independence on all the agility obstacles, and start to sequence obstacles together while learning to handle your dog with simplicity and clarity.

In this level we move onto advanced flat work, advanced jump, beginning box work, advanced pinwheels, board work for contacts, and sequencing with the table, along with introducing the weaves, teeter, chute and handling techniques.

Advanced 1 Program

We finish the basic training for contacts, weaves, teeter, more elaborate jump sequences and other equipment and begin to focus on obstacle independence, handling maneuvers and advances sequences with front cross, rear cross, 270 work, serpentines, threadles and more.

Advanced 2 Program

The focus of these classes is the improvement of existing handler and dog skills. Lesson plans include advance course strategies, learning to minimize your dog’s path, obstacle discrimination, layering, fine tuning acquired skills and problem solving.

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