Here’s what our clients have to say about Good Foundations Canine Training & Classes!:

“Thanks so much for your help with Mason! Being a rescue dog who had been in and out of different shelters, we realized Mason would need some training before we ever went to pick him up. What attracted me to Good Foundations Canine Training was the fact that we received one-on-one individualized training. Other training services only offered cookie cutter group class environments. Good Foundations helped not only Mason, but we learned how to encourage the behaviors we desired and how to react to the ones that were less desirable. This has helped us to better dog owners with our current dogs and will help with our future ones too!” – Roxy S.

“A trainer with a heart!” -Liz J.F

“I knew that bringing a new puppy into a house with children would have unique challenges, but I desperately also wanted it to be a positive experience for my husband and kids (ages 10 and 13). I didn’t want the added stress of puppyhood to create negative dynamics between family members, yet I also knew how important it was going to be for all of us to be involved and consistently “on the same page”. Our goal is to have a well mannered and obedient dog that we can take with us almost everywhere we go. But our house has been without a dog for a very long time, so I needed to regain a dog mindset (actually… a puppy mindset)! Hoping to be pro-active, I called Christine Kozlek before our pup even arrived, and I’m so glad that I did! She helped me set up a plan for both the arrival and new routine, which totally got us started on the right track. She then came to our house weekly for several family puppy lessons. Having a professional teach and tell my kids the Do’s and Don’t’s was key to our successful transition! As the Mom essentially and ultimately in charge of the puppy’s care, I was able to stay in control and monitor the situation while totally avoiding the “negative nag” role. In fact, everyone helped each other with reminders about things we learned from Christine, and we had many great family discussions about dog training in the process!” – Kristin D.